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• Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Other reports:

- Report on the damage caused by Julio Nuñez in the site (prepared by Lurmen).

Estimacion_del_nivel_de_afeccion_Luis_Nuñez (Language ES)

- Reports carried out by the Commission for the clarification of  Iruña Veleia

Destruction of the Iruña-Veleia archaeology site (This report has been sent to 86 faculties of Archaeology worldwide. 9 pags)

Por el esclarecimiento de Iruña Veleia (Language ES)

Resumen_nefasta_actuación_Diputación_Alava_en_Iruña (Language ES)

- Methods for dating archaeological remains

Metodos_de_datacion_arqueologica (Language ES)

-  Report on the graffiti written in Basque (Idoia Filloy and Eliseo Gil)

Euskarazko_grafitoak_Filloy_Gil (Language EU) Grafitos euskera_Filloy_Gil (Language ES)

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