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• Saturday, August 04th, 2018

EITB is still fooling us with the documentary about the ‘Late Basqueisation’
Iruña-Veleia: trial soon!
Papers by Gascon researcher Philippe Lartigue
Agosti Xaho: The Celts, ‘ezkontza’ (to marry), V and X symbols…
The other black book for Basque? Iruña-Veleia and local language policies…
Rioja region and Basque
Popular myths in official Basque Studies
Arnaiz: Tiwanaku culture of Bolivia and dolmen period in Iberia
Jabi Goitia’s work in three videos and the word ‘Donostia’
Joseba Mintegi: ‘we are because we insist, they will be because they will keep insisting’
Jon Goitia: the words ‘koko’, ‘cabeza’, ‘kokota’, ‘cogote’
Antonio de la Guardia’s new book
We are worried about money being more important than health
Iberian scripts
In short

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• Saturday, July 28th, 2018

Addressed the subject of coins from Celtiberian & Roman times
Iruña – Veleia: 9 years without dating
Has Basque philology been colonialized?
Three of the first nations in Quebec call the common birch tree, (urkia in Basque), “urkui”, “ushkuai” and “uskui”
Two new books at the Book-Fair: Eduardo Aznar and Jon Nikolas
Victor Montanyés has died
Jon Goitia: Etymological propositions on some mountains
Bittor Kapanaga’s propositions on relationships-roots: sen, aba, ugetz
Three years now standing outside the Diputación de Alava holding a banner
Jaime Martín in Oslo
Eñaut Etxamendi: zaku (sack)
Javier Goitia: Amboto and Gorbea
Bienvenido Mascaray: Izaba
Iberian scripts
In short

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• Sunday, April 10th, 2016

Politicians destroying archaeolo-gical Basque Country patrimony: Mrs Yolanda Barcina in Plaza del Castillo (Pamplona, Navarre) and Mr Xabier Agirre/Mr Ramiro González in Iruña-Veleia

Egia quartier – Basque way of life.

Did First North American People come in part from Biscay Bay – Europe?

Is Iberian term ABER related to Basque term HABEL (SLING)?

Drawings and graffitti from Iruña-Veleia are exposed at San Telmo Museum (San Sebastian)

Basque Country Police (Ertzaintza) does not have knowledge on accountancy

Deba: crevice that flows (it is a  Basque river name)

Second International Congress on Iruña-Veleia (May 7th, 8th 2016)


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• Sunday, December 20th, 2015


Seven years without dating analyses

How is the judicial process going?

The opinion of Edward Harris

Miguel Thomson’s Report

The University of the Baskeland prohibits a speech on Iruña-Veleia

Lurmen’s expulsion from Iruña-Veleia: 7th anniversary

Basque police (Ertzaintza) report has no scientific basis

Know Iruña-Veleia’s Treasure



This is the second newsletter on the Iruña-Veleia affair. In it, we will comment on the current situation of Lurmen archaeologists (Eliseo Gil and others) who were accused of forgery while excavating the Iruña-Veleia site seven years ago. This accusation was not supported by any scientific evidence and was mainly based on linguistic arguments, which have been refuted by many authors.

Seven years without dating analyses

On November 19th, seven years had passed since the Provincial Government of Alava expelled the excavating Lurmen company from the Iruña-Veleia archaeological site.

This decision was totally unjust for many reasons: it was based on reports containing personal opinions, no dating analyses nor controlled excavations requested by Lurmen were done, and the experts did not request information nor field notebooks, nor wanted to audit the stratigraphic work… Subsequently, the Provincial Govern-ment filed suit against the head of the excavation team, Eliseo Gil, on no scientific basis, since the requested excavati-ons and analyses had been denied.

How is the judicial process going?

The law suit filed by the Provincial Government is still in pretrial phase even though it was filed 7 years ago.

Two other law suits filed by the funders of the excavations were dismissed because Lurmen managed the funds correctly.   The biggest problem is that the graffiti, instead of being under the Court’s custody, are still kept by the plaintiff, the Provincial Government.    This would be unacceptable in any judiciary system, since it results in the breach of the chain of custody. Also, there are indications that the Provincial Government may have tampered with evidence in some graffiti.

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• Sunday, October 18th, 2015

Meeting on Ancient Iberian Language and Writing –August 27th/30th- Zaragoza-Spain

Alternative guided visits at Iruña-Veleia

Iunstir: Is it a Iberian godness?

Miguel Thomson: Similarities found in Iruña-Veleia graffiti uncovered by Gratiniano Nieto (year 1950) and later by Eliseo Gil (after year 2000)

Luis Azkona Ezkurra: Iberian langauge is a Basque-type language

Roman del Cerro: similarities found between North and South Mediterranean toponimics

EHSummer School at Basque Country University: Mitxelena and Piñeiro

Etxamendi and Goitia: constructing Basque-Europeism

Edan jan lo Zeledon!! (drink, eat, sleep Zeledon)


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• Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Nine of May in Zestoa, X. Congress on Basque Language Origins Euskoeuropeism <> Indoeuropeism Program

Video about Iruña-Veleia : English and Italian version   English

Iberian /Basque language discussion.

Angus Huck: British Vasconic

Lorena López de Lacalle: main responsable of non-evidenced accusations in Iruña-Veleia case.Unexpectedly, she goes again in EH Bildu election list of Araba (2nd place)

Relationship between Basque language and paleo-Sardinian

Imanol Agirre: Relationship between Basque language and all World languages

Edward Harris has come back to insist that Iruña-Veleia excavation was properly done by archaeologists (Lurmen)


Interesting News

Social Topics

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• Saturday, March 21st, 2015

How to make false what is true: Iruña-Veleia corruption case

Iberian writing history

Basque Country or Basqueland?

Visits to Euskeraren Jatorria web have increased from 110,000 to 280,000

Discussion about Iberian half-syllabary

Poster sticking in favor of Iruña-Veleia and his accused director Eliseo Gil

About Bermeo Etymology

Interesting News Euros for the High Velocity Train

Basque-Country Bank: Lost origin, lost way

Bowls for the datation


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• Sunday, January 25th, 2015

-ain suffix: Basque or Latin language?

Jose Ramon Rementeria: Le-on, Li-on, La-on…

What in Merida (Badajoz, South West Spain) is true, in Iruña-Veleia (Basque Country) is false

Brief Iberian texts

Aranguren, Elexpuru and Gil opinions about late Basque language appearance

Urmeneta: basque language being

Ribero-Meneses: about Basque language origin

Eduard Selleslagh: Iberian origin of Celtic languages

1.400 euros have been collected in order to dating a Iruña-Veleia graffiti

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• Monday, November 10th, 2014
38-Jatorriberri_newsletter urria_october

Money Funding for dating an Iruña-Veleia graffiti

Iberian texts analyses

The Complete Works of Bittor Kapanaga First Book have been published

Discussion goes on film about late Basque language appearance

Jon Nicolas: A genuine Basque geography

Do they want to closing down Berria,  a Basque language newspaper?

Mr Gontzal Mendibil in newspaper Deia: “arbola” (tree) may be a Basque word

Are we going to let Basque Bank (Kutxabank) to be privatized?

Galician Language is in danger

Interesting news

Antonio Arnaiz-Villena: the Usko-Mediterranean languages

Iberian roots: doi—dui-duin

Past, present, future?

Friends of Iberians (Amics del ibers, a Catalan Asocciation for Iberian Studies)

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• Sunday, October 12th, 2014


A Jesus Christ image has been found at Jaen (Andalucía, southern Spain) – It dates from about IV Century like Iruña-Veleia graffiti

Basque language and building

An anti-Basque film: “A Basque history: beats of Basque Country”

Akelarre: is it meaning holidays related to grasses and nothing to do with witches?

San Sebastian streets will keep their official name in Spanish language

Arnaiz-Villena: Sardana, the typical Catalan dance

What Scotland has won

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