• Monday, August 05th, 2013

Felix Zubiaga writes in his book Zuzentza eta eskubidea euskararen oroitzan” about two similar stories: one comes from Sumer and the other one from Ancient Basque Folk. This Basque story has been collected in his book Sakana by the Navarran researcher Jose Mari Satrustegi.

Both stories are so similar that Zubiaga thinks that they have a common origin. The common topic is about lack of justice and a bad economic situation similar to that we are now living.

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    Monday, 12. August 2013

    Parallelisms between Old Basque traditions and terms and World traditions and terms are found, particularly in the Mediterranean, see LOS BANAKOS (BANAQOS) NAVARROS at http://basques-iberians.blogspot.com.es/2013/08/los-banakos-banaqos-navarros.html

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