06-Iruña-Veleia Newsletter-Berripapera-Boletin-2019

b) Videos

Video (23 min):

English  https://youtu.be/rkFgZjbY3nI

Spanish and Basque https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2zzAKeF4WM

Italian: https://youtu.be/Nw-lA7oAjc0

Iruña-Veleia 9 years without dating (6 min)

- Idoia Filloy: ¿Qué está pasando en Iruña-Veleia?

Summary in comic The negativity of the graffiti’s dating, the destruction of the all section and demonization of Eliseo Gil

Destruction of the Iruña-Veleia archaeology site: REPORT (English) a short summary of 9 pages from the beginning, sent to 86 archeological faculties of the world) (Spanish)    Video

General summary until Decembre of 2012 …(Spanish)(beginning from the page 17)

Edward Harris: Iruña-Veleia

c) Newsletters

06-Iruña-Veleia Newsletter-Berripapera-Boletin-2019





01-Iruña-Veleia-Newsletter-Berripapera-Boletin 2015/1

d) Pictures of the ostracas and a summary of archeological information

Photographs (Elexpuru)

SOS Iruña-Veleia: (archeological information of the graffiti’s) (Spanish)

e) Reports

The performed by the Commission of the Borough of Alava (6 of them considered the ostracas fake)

The 29 reports and dictums that considered the ostracas authentic: Reports (Summary in English) They each have very little information about the contents. Altough there are a lot of reports, the reading of them is essential. Txillardegi (2 pages), Henrike Knorr (one page), Hector Iglesias (it’s very long but has a lot of information contrasted by authentic specialists), Martin Elexpuru…

f) International Congres of Iruña-Veleia

Gasteiz 2012 – Firts International Congress

Gasteiz 2016 – Second International Congress

Iruña-Veleia and Christianity

g) Other Reports

Graffitís in Basque:_Idoia Filloy and Eliseo Gil

The partial destruction of the site by the archeological section of the University of Basque Country (UPV). Estimate of the level of affection Luis_Nuñez   Estimate of the level of affection Luis_Nuñez

By the clarification of Iruña-Veleia (Spanish) (Summary of various reports pro-authenticity. 33 pages)

Disastrous summary of the performance by the Borough of Alava in Iruña (36 pages) (Spanish)

h) How to make false what is true: Iruña-Veleia corruption case

The most ancient catholic pray to “ Our Lord” is found in Latin and dated at XIV century A D.This    “Our Lord” pray is found at Iruña-Veleia graffiti in a former date in Basque language: III-IV century A D, according to Harris Matrix.

First part (Spanish)

1. Basque –Country University was eager to taking over the excavation.

2.Joseba Lakarra did not want that his theory about proto-Basque was destroyed.

3. They wanted to maintain the late Basque language theory.

Second part (Spanish)

4. Many Spanish media were helping this cover up: i.e.: “El Correo Vasco” newspaper.

5. There is a lack of scientific control at Basque-Country Unisersity.

6. Basque Language Academy bigotry did not want to change  old dogma.

Third part (Spanish)

7. All Basque political parties were also conservative.

Fourth part (Spanish)

8. Catholic church, Vatican and Opus Dei did not want any change neither.

Fifth part (Spanish)

9. Politicians in Spain go to handle big business once the leave their political activity.

h) The “official” version

Is the official Basque Philology colonized? 2017

The “official” version of the graffiti of Iruña Veleia: Descartes, graphology, basque police.  2016

i) Dating, katillus (bowls)

Signatures in favor of dating: SOS Iruña-Veleia (English)

Katillu’s (Bowls) in favor of dating (Spanish)

Methods of archeological dating (Spanish)

j) The books on Iruña-Veleia

Juan Martin Elexpuru: ¿Qué esta pasando en Iruña-Veleia?
Felix Zubiaga: El calvario de Euskal Herria e Iruña-Veleia bizirik

J.M. Elexpuru: Iruña-Veleiako euskarazko grafitoak. on line
A. Barandiaran: Veleia afera
H. Iglesias: Les inscriptions d’Iruña-Veleia. Amazon
Euskeraren Jatorria: Iruña-Veleia Nazioarteko Biltzarrak – Congresos Internacionales – The International Congress Ebook